EzySpit is a top 5 prevention solutions tackling the COVID19

World's First Reusable Mobile Spittoon that locks the microbes present in saliva in secs

Our Story.

At EzySpit, we continuously innovate towards sustainability, curating a host of eco-friendly products. All our products are reusable and the natural. They are lightweight, durable and also fully biodegradable. Plus, they use no chemicals or pesticides in their production.
Our aim is not just to move towards a sustainable lifestyle, but also uplift local communities in the process. We advocate for responsible development, which ensures supporting locals while ensuring environmental sustainability for future generations.


Products and technology

The invention is effective tool to combat airborne diseases like coronavirus, Tb, swine flue etc. when people spit in EzySpit, it locks down the bacteria and viruses within few seconds and prevents them in coming in contact with air. As we are locking the source, spread of the diseases gets controlled. 

Totally non-toxic, harmless and non polluting

EzySpit world’s first reusable mobile spittoon the patented solution solidifies the droplets of spitting in seconds and is equipped with materials that traps & locks the microbes present in saliva.The spittoon is specifically designed to provide users with a re-usable, convenient socially responsible place to deposit the refuse generated.


  • Great Song, great effort and most importantly, great message!
    Narendra Modi : Prime Minister of India.
  • EzySpit your idea and innovation at such young age and the goals set to bring in more transformation, your team deserves to be complemented on these achievements.
    Ratan Tata - Chairman of the Tata Group
  • Honour to have met Ritu Malhotra from EzySpit an incredible young pioneer who's changing the live of millions.
    Ana Maria Torres- Director Entrepreneurship World Cup
  • Massive admiration and respect to the young minds begind 'EzySpit '. This excellent innovation holds the potential to tidy-up the nation.Great to see such innovative spirit thriving in our nation.
    Rajiv Kumar : Vice-chairman of the NITI Aayog
  • Determination and Innovation helped these young entrepreneurs find a solution to a problem many of us face.
    Harsh Mariwala - Founder and Chairman of Marico
  • A Prize winner, Ritu's come across as a very determined start-up her products EzySpit/EzyVomit hold tremendous social impact and fulfils usecases/needs applications in hospitals/travel/ hospitality sectors. wishing the team all the best.
    Yaduvendra Mathur - special Secretary NITI Aayog

EzyVomit Bag

Perfect for motion sickness, nausea, road trips & more!

Never clean up vomit again!

No more awful smell

Discreet & easy to use

Green friendly technology!

Compact designe

EzySpit Pouch

You can pull it from your pocket, open it and use it without any fuss or mess.

odour free, gives out fragrance

Its Temper proof

Spill proof

Made up of eco-friendly material

In a healthy body, healthy mind.

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