Small acts, When multiplied by millions of people, will transform india

Join the #ThukMat campaign to make india spit free .Be a part of India's Most important Team & Contribute for betterment of india & Cause you care about.

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Because it feels good to do good.

You can Become an Ambassador for the Team #ThukMat movement! As a part of Team #ThukMat, you will be able to contribute to the movement by performing various actions. These acts will help creating awareness and engage people around the issues of health and sanitation.

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EzySpit - World's first spit pack

Never clean a Spittoon again! EzySpit is a portable disposable Spittoon

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world's first liquid disposal bin

Completely safe to handle which can be used as hybrid fertilisers.

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Products and technology

It solidifies the spittle/liquid/vomit in sec to prevent germination of virus & bacteria. Its Temper proof , spill proof (can be used multiple times) and odour free, gives out fragrance. Made up of bio-degradable material .

World's first spit pack ,liquid bin & Vomit bag

EzySpit - pack of 30

totally non-toxic, harmless and non polluting

The Portable spittoon that turns your spit into a semi-solid biodegradable waste within ten seconds, to avoid your germs from spreading, while converting your spit into a fertiliser that can enhance plant growth.

EzyVomit Bag

Perfect for motion sickness, nausea, road trips & more!

Never clean up vomit again!

No more awful smell

Discreet & easy to use

Green friendly technology!

Compact designe

EzySpit Pouch

You can pull it from your pocket, open it and use it without any fuss or mess.

odour free, gives out fragrance

Its Temper proof

Spill proof

Made up of eco-friendly material

Then can be used as a hybrid fertiliser

In a healthy body, healthy mind.

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