EzyVomit Bag

EzyVomit Bag

Perfect for motion sickness, nausea, road trips & more!

CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: This bag has a big opening that fits perfectly in the mouth area to prevent spillage when used. locks the bacteria found in vomit for any future destruction caused to a human’s health and to a sterilized society. It is also very easy to wrap up and dispose after vomiting

SECURE AND SEALED: With its closure system - The bag with a ziplock that helps to seal and reduce contamination..

COST-EFFECTIVE: The efficiency of this product is worth the price. This 10-pack puke bag will prevent vomit fluids from spilling all over your clothes, car seat, carpet saving you from paying for cleaning services. This is a must have for taxis and car service providers.

Compact design

LIGHT WEIGHT: It is a hand carry one- size bag that has a 500- 750 ml and can be easily tucked anywhere for easy access when urgently needed

ALTERNATIVE USES: This sealable vomit bag can also be used for motion and air sickness. And this is also very useful in throwing liquid waste products that emit pungent smells..